I finally had time to do some relaxing podcast-listening and Photoshop futzing and give Edna her own poster. These should hang in every classroom; leaders of tomorrow need to know the proper way to eat waffles.

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about lady illustrators and business women who are just out there killing it. My unbridled love for Julia Rothman will have to wait, because I want to shout about two ladies I know and admire but also sit around and eat cookies with.

Lauren Minco (I’ve raved already about her cool work and expert showing at Surtex) said some very nice things about me on her blog, so I’m continuing the blog hop here.

First, someone who doesn’t have a blog (which is a CRIME because she’s just the finest writer), illustrator Lia Marcoux.

Like me, Lia graduated from RISD with a BFA in Illustration. Unlike me, she has an incredibly steady hand and makes the cleanest, prettiest watercolor paintings. I love how her linework melts a bit and lets the color do the talking.I’ve grabbed some illustrations that show her awesome animals (because I am me), but she’s fearless about drawing people and thoughtful about how she casts her illustrations.

Lia has done illustration work for Hasbro and Highlights along with a bunch of apps. Check out her work and marvel at the fact that someone who can put together such wonderfully crammed compositions has such neat handwriting.

Annie Narrigan (and this is convenient because she just unveiled her website and shop) is a printmaker. She’s also my sister, so I’m not even going to try to be impartial.

Her work is a gorgeous exploration of space and layers, taking imagery from the house where we grew up and mid-century furniture. She explores photos and prints and prints of photos and models of photos made of prints.

I love her skritchy linework, the value ranges in her pieces, and the tiny details of her paper models. (Go to her website and marvel at that tiny sewing machine.)

I am proud to call these artists friends and family and to have a bunch of their artwork in my home. Hope you found this inspiring!

Sorry, blog! My strategy of over-committing (and being weirdly, predictably very busy in the summer) has left no time for Tumblr (except scrolling though my feed and admiring all the awesome). I assure you I’m still thinking about a bear-related project; it’s just on hold while I work on fun, secret things.

Here are a couple of pieces I did for Eastside Monthly. Can you believe it took me four years (!) of illustrating for Providence Media to sneak in a rabbit buying carrots?

I made a BMO birthday card for my boyfriend fiance last week. Even though I was mad at Adventure Time for coldly dispatching a beloved character. (Spoiler alert, obviously.)

I’ve been having trouble with bear characters (and since I love those tallee-smallee character relationships, I am forever casting bulky bears in my illustrations) so I drew a page of them.

Mock-up Monday! A set of party animal birthday cards, in two color schemes.

Finally making good on a past threat to enter more Spoonflower contests. This one is for a quartet of sewing notion coordinates. I’ve been meaning to try some simpler prints, so this was fun. Now I just need to get fast.

I also put together a quickie quilt to kick off something new for the blog: Mock-up Monday! As a surface designer, I want to see my work on stuff! So I’m going to take some initiative there.

If you love this design and/or want to see a bunch more, you can vote in this week’s Spoonflower contest by clicking here, then clicking “Vote for your Favorites” over on the right there. Merci!

All together now! An entire emotional alphabet, in ink washes. It’s fun for me to see these altogether; I can watch the inking get more confident, and it looks like I actually got a decent value range going.

I highly recommend this as a review of body language, even (especially!) if the body you’re drawing has stubby legs and mitteny hands. And I’m glad I got some expression from those dot eyes.

Going to, as before, take an alphabet break for a bit while I decide what to do next. Recommendations/requests highly appreciated.

And that’s it! And maybe this once is also a little cheaty, but I didn’t feel like drawing another zebra to cap off an alphabet.

Expect a recap soon; I want to see all these guys together.

And, once again, thanks to allergies, I totally identify with this guy.