I made a BMO birthday card for my boyfriend fiance last week. Even though I was mad at Adventure Time for coldly dispatching a beloved character. (Spoiler alert, obviously.)

I’ve been having trouble with bear characters (and since I love those tallee-smallee character relationships, I am forever casting bulky bears in my illustrations) so I drew a page of them.

Mock-up Monday! A set of party animal birthday cards, in two color schemes.

Finally making good on a past threat to enter more Spoonflower contests. This one is for a quartet of sewing notion coordinates. I’ve been meaning to try some simpler prints, so this was fun. Now I just need to get fast.

I also put together a quickie quilt to kick off something new for the blog: Mock-up Monday! As a surface designer, I want to see my work on stuff! So I’m going to take some initiative there.

If you love this design and/or want to see a bunch more, you can vote in this week’s Spoonflower contest by clicking here, then clicking “Vote for your Favorites” over on the right there. Merci!

All together now! An entire emotional alphabet, in ink washes. It’s fun for me to see these altogether; I can watch the inking get more confident, and it looks like I actually got a decent value range going.

I highly recommend this as a review of body language, even (especially!) if the body you’re drawing has stubby legs and mitteny hands. And I’m glad I got some expression from those dot eyes.

Going to, as before, take an alphabet break for a bit while I decide what to do next. Recommendations/requests highly appreciated.

And that’s it! And maybe this once is also a little cheaty, but I didn’t feel like drawing another zebra to cap off an alphabet.

Expect a recap soon; I want to see all these guys together.

And, once again, thanks to allergies, I totally identify with this guy.

Were you holding your breath all weekend to see what I’d do for X? Double cheat, ha! But how can you stay mad at those little fingers and toes.

It’s Friday again, so here’s another summertime illustration. “Tree Haus,” because check it out, they are listening to a record player and that koala is bringing a baguette and the genet up there is reading Lumberjanes.* These are some tree-dwelling hipster critters.

*Not sure if, in this universe, the Lumberjanes are also animals. PROBABLY.

Color, guys! Color! From a recent stretch of sitting by Jamaica Pond and sketching, and two sentences that had inexplicable appeal:

"This chinchilla has really gotten into pottery."


"This wild boar reupholstered an ottoman."

I think they might both be taking classes at the Eliot School.