Sketching for the next alphabet.

It’s Marathon Monday in Boston today. I am so proud of my weird, wonderful, special city.

It’s Marathon Monday in Boston today. I am so proud of my weird, wonderful, special city.

Drawing odds and ends for some textile work.

I got to spend a few hours on Saturday at the Harvard Natural History Museum. I even moved on from hoofed animals to some insects at the end there. Not pictured: the room of rocks and minerals, but I need to save something for next time.

I got a new brush for inking after the old one finally gave out (although 7 years of service isn’t bad). Trees! As inspired by the Arnold Arboretum.

So, that’s that! Edna ate everything.

I want to thank everyone for following me on this funny experiment. I’ve loosened up my painting and gotten to explore a single character. (I love her. I keep daydreaming about sewing up a felt Edna. You know, in all my free time.)

About halfway through I started getting ideas for other alphabets, so I’m going to take about a little break (and post some other stuff), then start a new one.

I’d go on, but Tumblr is showing this gif of Ben Stiller and it’s unbelievably distracting. So, thanks again for the notes and support. Keep watching, if you please.

Yams with marshmallows are awesome; it’s basically saying “You know what this needs? Sugar.” Also featured: le Creuset casserole dish that I will never own. (Or if I do ever get one, that I will drop on my foot immediately.)

Tomorrow: Friday, and the letter Z.

So, this is one of a handful of foods I had to look up. Basically it’s a thickening agent and gets used in gluten-free baking.

I originally drew Edna with a beaker of bright liquid to represent xanthan gum, because science.

Waffles are seriously incredible. Also featuring the specific brand of Vermont maple syrup I had as a kid. (Guys, I was raised as a condiment snob. Fear of fake syrup is what keeps me from ordering waffles at diners.)

Fun fact: I redid this one because the waffles came out all wonky. Although I would have no problem eating wonky waffles.

Happy Monday! It’s the last week of Edna Eats Everything; guesses for the last few letters are welcome.

Tiny shrimp and peas are surprisingly fun to paint. So pink! So green!